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The Universidad of Santiago de Cuba increased bandwidth for Internet access and the national network, and thereby strengthening computerization and access to knowledge center, inclusive of three sites of higher education in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

Robert Reina Valladares, head of the Directorate of Informatization (DI) at the center, said the increase of these communications up to 10 megabits per second, in the current month, lets download the same instant a document, upload an article to a journal and participate in an online discussion forum.

Now is extraordinary change in connectivity capability, benefiting nearly seven thousand young diurnal course only five in the UO campus operates, in the bonding process, he said.

He said he switched fiber optic telephone line for an investment of Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) in the territory and technologies.

The first service will notice the university community's own Internet access, entry of new users and the increased quotas navigation, preserving its quality.

Also rearrange or change services efficiently use them short and medium term, since improving the support from the direction of computerization, optimize levels as frequently updated antivirus software and systems.

Now users are favored in scientific creation, research and academic training of teachers and students, and the ability to send and receive mail, stressed students and teachers who qualified this time of extraordinary leap in communications.

Abdiel Jover, teacher, said he noticed the benefit, agreed during working hours to search and download articles and books on updating profiles in magazines that works, something that previously had to do on holiday or through foreign colleagues.

His desire is that this is a qualitative and significant jump in the number of publications of the University in well positioned anywhere journals Science, also in information management for upgrading of teaching and research undertaken.

To this end working in security mechanisms, authenticity, rigor and encryption to prevent illegalities as misuse of users and passwords.

Among the fundamental challenges of the Cuban university is to share and positioning the scientific and research content produced in Cuba, so the increased speed Internet access contributes to these purposes.

The benefits to students and teachers of higher education center open correspond to the will of the Cuban government to advance the process of computerization of society, giving priority to the social use of new technologies.

Source: AIN

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