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As reported in USA Today Travel Web Experience Caribbean in its annual report Cuba was in 2014, for the second consecutive year, the second favorite Caribbean destination, surpassed only by Dominican Republic. 3. A total of 001,958 tourists arrived on the island in the period from January to December of that year.

The months of many tourists were March, December and January with 359 384, 332 190 and 320 032 passengers, respectively; the-less, September, June and October 151 898, 181 269 and 187 111, respectively.

By origin, Canada is the place from where most tourists to the island and turn the island's preferred Canadians (1174 972) site. In the 2014 report American travelers are included in other sources but, predictably, with recent measures to promote travel to the island, will be an increase in those data relating to the current year. Cruise tourists no data for Cuba, but hopefully also meet with positive values in future reports.

The reasons that Cuba remains a point of interest in the Caribbean are not only warm temperatures and its beaches, but the charisma of its inhabitants, its colonial architecture -despite damaged, on many occasions, not least Bella, the attractiveness of its culture, music and the singularities of a political-economic system that many want to see first hand.

Source: Cibercuba

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