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The Cuban singer Paulo Fernandez Gallo is one of the protagonists of the Cuban film "Forbidden Flight" which will be released soon in Havana. The film will premiere on March 24, in the context of the activities for the new anniversary of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC).

After a long and successful career, Paulo FG faces for the first time to film under the direction of conductor laureate Rigoberto López, to represent the character of a Cuban photographer. Contrary to what one might think, the character he plays has no relationship with the art world from which it comes.

In recent statements at Noon television program on TV, songwriter and bandleader The Elite, offered his remarks on this experience. "The film is now in the final editing process. I received word from Rigoberto that very soon it would be the premier.

"It's a romantic movie where a character do a profile that has absolutely nothing to do with me. It's about a photojournalist who does work for film and television and has an encounter with this girl in Paris.

"It means a blessing, a gift of life to share with Deysi Granados, Manuel Porto, Mario Balmaseda. I can not explain what this being my first job as an actor, and I think the latter because I respect that, "confessed the artist.

Meanwhile, Rigoberto López said in an interview to the newspaper Juventud Rebelde that Paulo FG faced the challenge of acting without being actor. However, professionalism, commitment to the film and also his personal qualities, allowed him to take on this role in not sing or accompany their songs anywhere but becomes Mario, a Cuban photographer and correspondent.

Similarly, Lopez referred to the reasons that led him to think Paulito as the protagonist of the film and doubts that initially caused her decision. "A friend asked me to Paulo FG and I really had my doubts, because in my mind was the popular image of Timba, the" suffocating sauce "and knew that this criterion was heavy in the conventional imagery of the country. (...)

"He convinced me that this character shares with Paulito its popular origin and the ability to break into their professional development. Especially looking for someone who could project charisma and originality when it comes to face what he says and how he says it. I think emerged victorious, though the last word always has the public. Ours is very prepared and I know I can get it out of the context of salsa and receive the character will soon deliver them on the screen, "Lopez said.

Paulo FG share the leading role with French actress Sanaá Alaoui in this love story will soon be shown in theaters across the country, so that the public can enjoy another facet of popular singer.

"Flight Prohibited" is produced by ICAIC in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Cuba and FUNGLODE (Global Foundation for Democracy and Development of the Dominican Republic).

Source: CubaDebate

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