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More than a year ago the studio Kcho Romerillo laboratory for art provided completely free internet. The service was offer in three computers in the library, but it was being small for the growing demand, as people were finding out.

Now the connectivity option includes a wireless network whose signal around the whole place and has been very well received among the youngest, being free and stable. The commotion by in Cuba, open and free "access point first" was not long in coming.

Alexis Leyva Machado, known as Kcho, said that "I saw that this was so helpful, found out how to provide service to more people and asking got here" because "some people have and do not share it, this is very expensive so I best I can do is share it. "

Narra then that "such a girl who could be contacted by Facebook to your family living outside of Cuba and of which he knew nothing long, the other day I found around here and I said, thanks to this idea I could come back to know my family and I am very happy about it "

Kcho states that "I work at night and come here to shop early and sometimes there are people connected, most come for football, downloading music and communicate with the family."

Source: 14ymedio

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