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The missile frigate General Soublette of Venezuela Navy will undergo major repairs in a military shipyard in Cuba.

According to site, revisions to be made to the missile ship in the shipyard Military Industrial Company Granma, under Cuba's Revolutionary Armed Forces, will cost $ 104.6 million.

The contract between the Cuban entity and the National Development Fund (Fonden) of Venezuela is "the greatest preventive maintenance of hull structure and related systems with logistical support from the General frigate Soublette".

The vessel (F-24) belongs to a group of six units Lupo / class Mariscal Sucre that were built in Italy for the Navy of Venezuela type. Were delivered between 1980 and 1982 and then inherited by the government of Hugo Chavez.

These naval units of 2,525 tons displacement and 112.8 meters in length, have eight anti-ship missile launchers Otomat Mk.2, an anti-aircraft missile system Dardo eight missiles, and two anti-submarine torpedo.

Source: Martí Noticias

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