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International tourism to the island rose in January, a month after Havana and Washington agreed to restore relations, with growth of 16% over the same month last year, said on Monday the National Statistics Office (NSO).

A total of 371,160 tourists visited the island in the first month of 2015, equivalent to 16% increase, compared to the 320,063 who arrived in January 2014, reported the ONE.

Almost half of those tourists were Canadians (181,101) so that the country was consolidated as the leading source of tourists to Cuba, with growth of 15.5% in January 2015 compared to the previous year, reports AFP.

He also recorded an increase of German tourists, British, French and Italian, among others.

On December 17, the dictator Raul Castro and US President Barack Obama announced his intention to restore relations after half a century of rupture and tensions.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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