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Spectacular, only qualified for the closing concert by the maestro Frank Fernández of the nineteenth Festival A tempo with Caturla, which since last Wednesday until Sunday, held in Villa Clara.

When it seemed that chest of villaclareños not fit a new emotion, after living intense days of great music, this Sunday the maestro Frank Fernández appeared in the theater La Caridad, to give a luxury performance who played his works and recognized Cuban authors and elsewhere.

Amid extreme complicity between audience and artist, the concert started well up with a representation of fine tradition European two versions of sacred Ave Maria, then give way to the performance of three waltzes by Frederic Chopin, one Authors exalted favorite pianist.

A row, delighted the audience with the piece La Bella Cubana, Joseph White and his arrangement with, a work that drew strong applause from the audience.

At that moment, and on a dare thanked those present, the renowned musician changed the program and instead of Cordova, Gitanerías and La Comparsa, dances for piano authored by Ernesto Lecuona, joined Malagueña, Lucia and Damsel charming, inviting the audience to join the interpretation of the latter work, which was echoed and enjoyed to delirium.

But as if that were not enough, the piano teacher decided to bring scene and accompany a Villa Clara singer, described by him as one of the most refined voices of Cuba, which he said is less known than his talent and Voice deserve: Vionaika Martinez, who played That mouth, Eusebio Dolphin; And besides if I get to kiss you, Luis Casas Romero.

By the end, the Suite for two pianos, composed and performed by Frank Fernández masterfully, which drew applause from the audience at various times of the performance from the exquisiteness of a work born from the tradition of Cuban zapateo and enriched with the rhythmic Colombian-Venezuelan joropo.

After the concert the crest personality, made statements to the press in which he had words of praise for the musician Remedios Alejandro García Caturla, who was devoted to the festival, and thanked the villaclareño public for culture and sensitivity shown throughout the contest.

It also recognized the gesture of the territorial authorities, who gave him the Zara¬pico, maximum cultural distinction of the province, also granted the master Leo Brouwer yesterday.

Thus closes a chapter unprecedented in the history of A Tempo with Caturla, who provided the privilege of joining in a single event two greats of Cuban culture: Leo Brouwer and Frank Fernández

Source: Granma

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