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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 03 / 11 / 2015

A Cuban doctor, participant of the mission More Doctors, was arrested in Brasilia International Airport while trying to flight to Havana with two baby turtles, confirmed the Brazilian authorities.

Turtles hidden in the luggage of the physician were wrapped in surgical gloves and belong to a species in danger of extinction, popularly known as red-footed tortoise or turtle tortoise, said news portals G1 and R7.

The doctor, whose name was not disclosed, was traveling last week on a chartered flight from Brasilia to Havana, along with other members of the health program partners. Currently there are no regular direct flights between Brazil and Cuba, since Cubana suddenly suspended its connection to the southern country last February.

Witnesses said the Cuban doctor told police that the couple of turtles as a reminder of Brazil wore. Besides losing the flight, the offender was charged with transporting wild animals without permission, a violation punishable by imprisonment of six months to one year plus fine.

Being a crime "low offensive power," the doctor was released and may leave the country, but not before sign the pledge to appear before the Brazilian courts wherever located, said an official communication from the Federal Police, which is the entity borders.

The same statement ignores the fact that the accused by environmental crime is a participant More Doctors federal program, launched in 2013 to respond to popular demands for improved health services in rural areas and districts cindígenas Cuban professional.

Of the 14,462 Brazilian and foreign physicians participating in the program, 11,429 are Cuban. President Dilma Rousseff has announced plans to expand to more than five thousand municipalities this year.

Source: Café Fuerte

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