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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 03 / 11 / 2015

In his first visit to Cuba on last December, the American photographer Steven Spencer was handcuffed by police after exhibiting his art on the exterior walls of the place where he was staying.

"They handcuffed me. I guess they thought I was getting propaganda," Spencer told television channel KY3.

Photographer for 59 years and imagined at the door of the prison that the driver showed him in his journey from the airport when one of the policemen threw out the works.

"Obviously, one of the policemen was an artist, so I started looking at things, and realized that I was harmless, I think," said Spencer, who for two weeks tried unsuccessfully to exhibit works in a Havana gallery.

At the same time, the owner of the hostel insisted to police that Spencer was "stupid American", an artist who did not know he should not have mounted an exhibition without permission.

"I removed the handcuffs, let me take the show into an alley and helped me to do," said the photographer Springfield, Missouri.

One hour works were exposed before the withdrawal Spencer to go to the airport. Not only were his, but other artists of his city, he helped raise money for the trip. Bring the works of all to show them and give them to the Cubans, was his way of thanking contributions.

For Spencer, as for most Americans, Cuba was "mystery out in the ocean, 90 miles," and he wanted to meet people in the real Cuba, not those engaged in the business of tourism.

"I chose to stay in the worst part of Havana and away from the tourists, and everyone saying to me '. Do not take your camera you are going to give a blow to the head,'" Spencer said.

"It was weird because nobody looked like me and everyone stared at me, he said. I noticed after reviewing my photos, all my photos, that people are staring at me."

The photographer said he would like to return to Cuba someday. Meanwhile, it will go around the world in 80 days. Steven Spencer is known for photographing the nightlife of Springfield, besides playing in the band The Ozark Sheiks. A sample of his photographs of Cuba premieres Monday at 7:00 pm in the Hall Lay Drurys University.

Source: Martí Noticias

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