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The head of the Cuban delegation to the negotiations with the United States to restore diplomatic relations, Josefina Vidal, said the atmosphere of dialogue is respectful and have made some progress.

For an hour, Vidal addressed topics such as the results and progress of these discussions, why the emphasis that makes Cuba to be excluded from the list of state sponsors of international terrorism and the future of these negotiations, among other topics.

As was announced by her in the press conference in Washington at the end of the talks last February 27, that was devoted exclusively to discuss the outstanding issues for the restoration of diplomatic relations and the details of opening embassies.

When he referred to the exclusion of Cuba from the list that makes unilaterally De¬par¬ta¬mento State, confirmed that it was a matter of justice. But he explained that have practical effects, because we rages sanctions are applied by the blockade and prevents banks operate accept Cuban accounts for fear of being penalized.

That is one reason, explained that the Cuban mission in Washington lacks more than a year of financial services it needs to function normally does.

Vidal reiterated that the US side is working on resolving these issues and hopes to receive news in the coming weeks.

It also reiterated that there is a commitment that future embassies are governed by the principles posed by international law and which are enshrined in the United Nations Charter, as well as the obligations under the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations .

Cuba's chief negotiator said the interest of the US delegation to open embassies before the conclusion of the Summit of the Americas in Panama on 10 April.

He said that apart from the two processes in parallel, the opening of embassies and restoring relations, the parties continue to address various issues of cooperation such as resetting the mail, air safety, among others, who have joined new and the expansion of commercial flights, meetings of experts on preservation of marine areas and the first workshop on human rights.

Vidal said that although there are still different approaches, have managed to make two productive meetings and that, although it was not agreed to hold a third round, yes direct contact will be maintained to track the actions to come.

Source: Granma

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