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A travel agency in Miami, Mambi International Group, has announced it will resume flights between Key West and Cuba from mid of this month.

In February 2014, the company launched a similar service, which remained in force for only six weeks. The account executive group, Banay Coma said the Miami Herald that this time, after the US government softened the rules for travel to the island, the company is "more organized" to provide the service.

Mambi International Group plans to start with connections to Havana every Friday from next March 13. The round trip cost about $ 525. On March 25 the company will begin flights to Santa Clara also.

After the governments of Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries last December, Americans wishing to go to Cuba for one of the twelve grounds covered by the current regulation - among them are family visits, official government travel, humanitarian organizations, professionals, educational, religious, cultural and sports exchanges and to periodísticas- coverage may travel to Cuba without a special permit from the authorities.

Source: 14ymedio

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