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Six Colombian military leaders (five generals and an admiral) arrived to Cuba on Wednesday to talk to  guerrilla commanders in order to make recommendations to end the armed conflict, said a government source.

"All (general) arrived; this afternoon will meet with the government delegation", headed Humberto de la Calle, and Thursday will meet for the first time with representatives of the guerrillas in the subcommittee, the source told AFP. The group, headed by Major General Javier Florez not have negotiating powers and focus on the "review and analysis of models and best national and international practices related to the topic of the ceasefire and bilateral and definitive hostilities", as agreed the parties in February.

Other military are Brigadier Generals Fernando Martín Nieto and Alfonso Rojas Tirado (Army), Oswaldo Rivera (Air Force) and Alvaro Pico (Police); and Rear Admiral Orlando Romero (Marina).

The subcommittee will work on Thursday and Friday, led by General Flórez by the Government and commanders Joaquin Gomez and Carlos Lozada by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the largest guerrilla group in the country.

This subcommittee was created months ago, but only now begins its work because, among other reasons, to the disruption suffered by the peace process in November after the capture by the FARC General Rubén Alzate, who ventured without bodyguards to a jungle area controlled by guerrillas.

Alzate was unconditionally released two weeks later, which allowed peace talks in Havana, initiated in November 2012 resumed.

Source: Martí Noticias

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