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New president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, and his pair of Cuba, Raul Castro, met today in Montevideo and stressed the importance of deepening relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Castro arrived in Montevideo to participate in ceremonies change of command of the Uruguayan government that occurred on Sunday.

In one of its first activities on the second day as president, Vazquez and several ministers welcomed Castro and his entourage in government residence.

In a statement issued after the meeting stated that the dialogue "highlighted the importance and necessity of deepening trade relations between the two countries and assessed the possibilities of increasing them, as well as promoting mutual or joint investments."

Also "noted achievements in mutual cooperation and identified new targets in education and training of human resources, providing health, social development and science and technology."

Both leaders expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting and agreed that the relationship will deepen, according to the statement.

Vázquez and chaired Uruguay between 2005 and 2010, and one of his first decisions at that time was to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, which had been cut following a verbal confrontation between his predecessor, Jorge Batlle (2000-2005) and president Cuba, Fidel Castro.

The new Uruguayan president belongs to the Frente Amplio, a coalition of mostly leftist groups has shown a historical sympathy for the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro.

Source: Havana Times

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