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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 03 / 04 / 2015

One of the documents that had survived the previous Cuban migration policy has been disabled. This is the famous "International Card Boarding and Unboarding" that every Cuban was required to fill out when leaving the country.

This form consisted of a sheet of white color and copy pink. The traveler received it from the hands of the agency which processed the passage: the original is left in the airport immigration counter and had to keep a copy to return home.

The importance of "slip" was that, on returning to Cuba, the authorities of the country visited the Cuban required him to submit it, unless the person intending to travel to the island had permanent residence abroad and possess a "passport enabled ". If the rating is not had in the passport or pink model, the Cuban happened to be someone trying to illegally enter his own country.

Many travelers lost this voucher and had to go through a Cuban consulate to obtain documents that allowed them to return home. In late 2014 the opposition Guillermo Fariñas was the victim of this situation in Mexico, and when about to board the plane to return to Havana, was prevented from doing so because the airline was not allowed to include in the ship without that document.

As far not been reported by the official media, the question of whether this is a simplification of procedures or is a sign that will end the discrimination is open to which they are subjected Cuban citizens who decided to settle in abroad before January 2013 and were not activate their passport political reasons. Boarding Pass to disappear, there is no way of knowing who is in the case of a definitive emigrated or a temporary visitor.

Source: 14ymedio

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