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Vice President of Public Relations and Communications for Latin America of Coca-Cola, Rafael Fernández Quirós, said that the company does not rule out return "in the not too distant future" to Cuba, if US change its law with the recent "thaw" of the bilateral relationship.

"In Cuba we have a very special relationship" because "along with Panama and Canada were the countries we had bottling plant" in the early twentieth century, said in a meeting with international news agencies in the US city of Atlanta (Georgia ), company headquarters.

In town this week hosts the celebrations for the centenary of the iconic bottle of "contour" glass, the manager explained that US law "prohibits to have any business with Cuba today."

Only "there is an exception for sales of agriculture and medicine basically, and are exports from the United States."

"We will adjust strictly to impose legislation. As an American company we are fully conditioned, in the best sense of the word, by US law and we will fulfill it to the letter. If sanctions will open up new markets it "he said.

"Until that has lifted we can not think open plants and distribution systems bottled" in Cuba, he said.

However, "the fact that they have started a thaw want to say that in the not too distant future things will change and we can not rethink our presence on the island," he announced.

Fernández Quirós recalled that this has happened with other countries, the latest of which Myanmar, where Coca-Cola recently started operations.

In addition to Cuba, North Korea is the only country in the world where the multinational has operations.

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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