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  • 02 / 25 / 2015

The young Cuban player Yoan Moncada receive the highest bonus for signing of an international amateur player with the Boston Red Sox for a total of about $ 30 million, said today MLB.

According to the article on the website of Major League Baseball (MLB), Moncada, 19, "will exceed 8.27 million bonus he received the right ballplayer Yoan Lopez Diamondbacks in January."

Moncada legally left the island in early June 2014.

Moncada has been one of the players intended preseason. Up to ten teams worked in six weeks before opting for the Red Sox.

Since it has not yet 23 years and played in the professional league of Cuba at least five, Moncada must submit to the rules of international transfers of MLB, according to which each team has $ 700,000 plus a bonus that depends on results of the previous season.

The regulation stipulates that clubs are penalized in the next transfer period (2015-2016) if they exceed the bonus. The Red Sox already had passed earlier and thus receive the maximum punishment, which includes the payment of 100% in taxes from the excess amount not to sign another international player for more than $ 300,000 over the next two periods of transfers.

According to the article MLB, the total cost of the operation for the Red Sox will be 60 million, including bonuses, penalties and contract Cuban.

Moncada, who can play second base, third and shortstop, debuted at Cienfuegos of the National Cuban Series at age 17 and unlike many of his countrymen, did not escape the island or off an international tournament to seek residence in another country, but their own team released him. The government of Cuba gave him a visa and a passport and left by plane to a Central American country, where he trained and received scouts from major league teams.

On February 3, according to, became a free agent, allowing him to sign and by MLB.

Following the resumption of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, MLB already announced this month that it will no longer require the permission of the Treasury of the United States to sign a Cuban player.

Ya just need an affidavit of player that ensures they will not return to the island, which is not a member of the Cuban government and the Communist Party. Moncada is the first Cuban to sign under the new guidelines.

The last Cuban ballplayer is the promise to come to America, where players are beating Island wage records. In December last year, Yasmany Thomas signed a six years with the Arizona Diamondbacks for $ 68.5 million.

Thomas did not exceed the record for most amount of money in a signed first contract, which is in possession of his compatriot Rusney Castillo, who in August 2014 agreed to join the Boston Red Sox for $ 72.5 million.

Now Castillo joins in Boston with Moncada, which will increase the number of 25 Cuban players who played in the majors last season.

Source: Havana Times

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