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Havana Company, troupe that brings acts of gymnastics and acrobatics at the National Circus of Cuba, has just won the top award "GOLDEN CIRQUIJOTE" which delivers the eighth edition of the International Circus Festival of Albacete, in the Iberian Peninsula, for acts of scale and Russian bar as part of the gala named DON QUIXOTE

As if that were not enough, and in this, his second competitive experience, return to get-what they had done before in Havana that the public match refereeing decisions to obtain from it the CIRQUIJOTE IN POPULARITY.

But that did not complete their emotions, also the "Giulio Montico" Italian Cultural Association International Circus Festival di America- -Citta his trophy awarded to these talented young artists who have entered through the front door in a European festival of circus being his first experience in this type of combat.

Parallel consecrated Cuban artist Lisandra Cross (aerial fabric) received Ana Trujillo AMITHE STILL THE HARDEST prize from the hands of Ms. Board of Amithe.

Parallel to this session of awards and recognitions, the National Circus of Cuba through its designated Circuba Festival ORIGINALITY TO AWARD for Irish contortionist, Cristina García.

Source: Havana Times

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