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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 02 / 25 / 2015

National Table Tennis League begins tomorrow in the room Rafael Valdes Daussá in this capital, with the participation of leading figures in the courtyard and guests.

Except Andy Pereira, who is in the International Training Center Köping, Sweden, will be in the men's section on tabloncillo University of Havana Jorge Moisés Campos, Yohan Mora, Livan Martínez, Carlos Hernandez and Carlos Sanchez said in ACN exclusive Leonel Pomares, the Cuban coach preselection.

He indicated that Pavel also be experienced Oxamendi, who returned to training after almost three years of absence, and today is listed as one of the leading men of the Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, to be held in July.

Oxamendi is included in the list of candidates to be eliminated for the continental competition, with real prospects to make the grade in the team, with Pereira and Campos, yielded good results shown in internal controls undertaken.

They will also be venturing, now as members of the national preselection, newly promoted Randy Curbelo and Daniel Boza, while for the ladies will Idalys Lovet, Leisy Jimenez, Lisi Castillo, Shely Machado, Anell García, Lisdaine Rodriguez and yuneisy Galvan main cheerleaders.

The technical trainer said that the 27 March near the first selection made by Campos, Mora, Jimenez and probably Pereira, assist the Jamaica Open, an event that will feature the participation of 12 nations.

For the March 2, plus Yohan and Leisy also travel to Mexico Martinez and Castillo, as part of the team's preparation for major international events of the year as the ALBA Games in Ecuador, and Canada's continental competition.

About sorting Northern appointment only females must find their ticket in the event of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 16 to 24 of the coming month, since the male group reached him directly, benefiting from its position in the ranking of Pan area.

For this fair, the selection of the Greater Antilles still has not defined its members, which will in fighting in control stops and skills to perform, said Pomares.

We are working hard to keep second place in the overall standings of the Pan American Games, and try to fight for a medal, certainly among men, he said.

Source: AIN

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