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Hundreds of Cubans and tourists witnessed on Monday a concert of an US orchestra in Havana plaza, a sign of the new relationship between the two countries after leaving half century of enmity.

The band "California Repercussions" consisting of fifty musicians dressed in red shirts, touched at sunset twenty popular topics in the Plaza de Armas in the colonial facade of the Palace of the Captains General of Havana.

The American repertoire included songs like "Would I lie to you" and "For Your Love", but also Cubans, like "Guantanamera".

This free show, attended by hundreds of people in one of the places most frequented by tourists in Old Havana, began with a performance by Cuban counterpart: the Provincial Concert Band of Havana, with 64 musicians.

A dozen Cuban musicians started playing with the American band, in a sign that music knows no borders or languages.

The American band is formed by non-professional musicians who live in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Many work at the University of California, Berkeley and Davis.

The band, which will offer four concerts in Cuba, traveled from San Francisco to Tampa (Florida, southeast), where he flew on Saturday in a charter to Havana for a weeklong visit.

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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