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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 02 / 19 / 2015

New cold front hit the western and central Cuba. The meteorological situation is triggered by the arrival and passage through the Cuban archipelago of that cold front that will have difference with the previous.

It will come with showers and rain that will occur on its way through Cuban territory. But with some strong winds. That's the interesting thing about this new weather, because the passage of the front and then these winds will make much cold feel, plus it actually bring a very cold air center of the North American continent.

If there was much less cold day in recent days, because there was almost no wind, and moreover the sun shining in all its glory, having fewer clouds, for tomorrow the wind will cool is that which coats do not help much when you're outdoors exposed to the wind. Remember that feeling cold wind effect becomes greater.

This invasion of cold air over the entire eastern half of the United States also is of important features. Heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures with very low thermal sensations, are expected throughout the area of the United States. In the country's capital, Washington, DC, which has a historical record low temperature of -13 ° C recorded in no less than in 1896, it is waiting for Friday a minimum temperature of -17 ° C, what happened, break this record.

The air flow over Cuba on Thursday and Friday, cross over the peninsula of Florida, an area already cooled before, and so that cold air is not very hot walking across on the sea area in the Straits of Florida. So cold will come to our country. Moreover, we have over Cuba a relatively cold air from above anticyclone though of course that has been changing something.

Source: CubaDebate

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