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The US company Apple issued a statement on its website in which reports a new license exception to authorize the sale of some of its products and software in Cuba.

Under the name Supporting the Cuban people (Support for the Cuban People) the note was published in the Policy section Global Business and refers to the entry into force of the regulations implementing the measures announced by President Barack Obama, among which trade and investment is decriminalized in the field of telecommunications and info-communications in Cuba.

According to the text, the regulations of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) American Modified Export Administration Regulations (EAR), so it is now legal to export and reexport to the island some products and software (including cloud storage ), however, have not been identified.

However, not all users in Cuba are eligible, according to the License Exception for Consumer Communication Devices (CCD) provided by the BIS. "Eligible beneficiaries are individuals in Cuba, independent NGOs. Organizations managed or controlled by the Government of Cuba or the Communist Party of Cuba, including schools and hospitals, are not eligible recipients. "

On the Island Apple products had entered a long time, but not "legal" way. Since Cubans traveling abroad and acquire computers, cell phones, iPods and tablets for consumption or resale.

Even private initiative "clinics cell" calls have specialized in the settlement, release and deployment of applications on mobile phones, and some have a presence in cyberspace through social networks.

However, all Apple devices are designed for constant interaction with cloud services, from the Internet from fixed or wireless positions, rather than on the island is limited by the few access points and high prices. According to data accessed, Internet penetration here is only 5%, although it is estimated that about 3 million people in the Isle internet access.

ETECSA, the only telecommunications company in Cuba announced, ending in 2014, which in 2015 would expand internet services in navigation rooms and public areas wi-fi. For it sixfold storage space and data, according to Cuban media published this year should fivefold.

The company said in 2015 should grow to around 800,000 mobile lines, which would increase to more than 3 million the total number of users in Cuba undoubtedly a potential market for one of the top products of Apple.

Source: OnCuba

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