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  • 02 / 19 / 2015

About 75 Cuban players are looking to sign with a Major League team, and among the best positioned are the infielders Yoan Moncada, Hector Olivera and Andy Ibanez, and the pitcher Alvarez Yadier.

Moncada, 19 years, is seen as the best young prospect of the island from Jorge Soler and Yasiel Puig. It is also the Most Valuable switch-hitter.

Moncada performed in private practice for the Cubs, D-backs, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Padres, Giants, Rays and Tigers, along with the Brewers. You may have planned other practices, according to several industry sources.

The player would decide before February 23, but has not received any formal offers. You can play at second base, shortstop and third baseman.

Among those interested in Moncada services are the Yankees, Red Sox and D-backs, who have already exceeded the amount allowed to award bonuses and to recruit players in the international market.

The site also mentions the majors as better posicinado Hector Olivera, 29. Despite his age, scouts rely on their international experience.

According to information, the player has impressed scouts at exhibitions and practices privately in the Dominican Republic, stressing the notion that can hit 15 to 20 home runs and drive in 75 runs hitting the thick part of a lineup as a rookie.

International sources told that the infielder seeking a five to six years, similar to those of Yasmany Thomas with Arizona (six years, $ 68.5 million) and Rusney Castle with Boston (seven and 72, $ 5 million).

Yadier Alvarez, 18, is another pitcher quoted. Alvarez has no experience in the National Series, but has excelled internationally in recent weeks. The pitcher has a fastball that reaches 98 miles per hour with a good slider and a good change.

He pulled against 70 local scouts in Dominican Republic earlier this month and had a practice with Olivera last week. A director of the National League called it the best pitcher in 18 years he had seen.

Teams interested in Oivera are the Dodgers, D-backs, Rockies, Nationals, Blue Jays, Padres, Athletics, Cardinals and Brewers Minnesota.

Finally, highlights the case of Andy Ibáñez, 21. According to the site, is not the most attractive alternative in the Cuban market, but is seen as a "tenacious player" and may need more than two seasons in the minor leagues before you bring in the big leagues.

Ibanez potential is compared with that of Omar Infante and Miguel Cairo, Placido Polanco and Howie Kendrick.

Ibanez is now eligible to sign and could agree to a set when Moncada is no longer available. It has been speculated that firm before Moncada because some clubs see it as a less expensive alternative.

The teams interested in him are the Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, D-backs, Brewers, Mariners and Padres.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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