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University of Havana distinguished the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003, American Peter Agre, an honorary plaque for the 280th anniversary of the founding of the oldest center of higher education in the island, which recognized "his outstanding performances in the field of science."

The eminent scientist and professor Agre was recognized during a ceremony attended by 35 teachers and academics at Johns Hopkins, where he currently conducts research on malaria and Cuban students and academics, local media reported.

Agre, who has visited the island on several occasions, expressed optimism about the future of relations between the governments of Washington and Havana after the announcement of his recovery last December.

"We have much to learn from Cuba, and also much to teach Cubans and together we can do much better," said the renowned American researcher.

Agre, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Arts and Sciences USA, won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to the discovery of the aquaporin, an integral protein that is part of the pores of the membrane and is permeable to water, using the technique of "water channel".

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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