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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 02 / 18 / 2015

The Criminal Division of the Provincial Court of Artemisa, after reviewing the evidence taken at the trial held in recent days, agreed to punish seven people linked to an alleged plan to leave the country illegally, in which, as reported, were murdered four people.

During the course of the trial was proved defendants Ricardo Jorge Luis Salazar, Reinier Weapons García, Yassel Montero Vazquez, Jorge Ramón León Suárez, Yusniel Michel Grimont Sanchez and Luis García Urgelles, posts in agreement they decided to design and implement a plan, which simulated the organization of an illegal exit from national territory to the United States by sea, in order to appropriate the money that those interested in leaving the country pay them to carry recourses trip.

Said defendants managed to enlist eleven people, through deception to migrate safely, and made sure that the scheduled day of departure carry with them the agreed figure.

Thus, the Court could give proven that the June 7 at approximately 9:00 pm the defendants Jorge Luis Ricardo and Reinier Weapons Sa¬lazar Gar-cía contacted by telephone with citizens Orlando Gutierrez Padilla, who de- knew the true intentions of the defendants, in order that this in his taxi out individually moving people who wanted to leave the country, to one of the shelters in the paddock farm development 603 Vaquería Niña Bonita, place by surprise, and taking advantage of the numerical superiority, darkness and terrain conditions, deliberately proceeded to attack five of them, deprived of his life making four.

The Board, having regard to the seriousness of the he¬chos narrated the conduct of the accused, who acted unscrupulously with the sole purpose of personal gain, and the degree of participation of each agreed to sanction :

1) .- JORGE LUIS RICARDO SALAZAR, as author of the crimes of attempted murder, robbery with violence or intimidation against persons and falsification of identity cards to life imprisonment.

2) .- REINIER ARMAS GARCÍA, as au¬tor of the crimes of murder, attempted murder gra¬do and robbery with violence or intimidation of persons to life imprisonment.

3) .- RAFAEL HERNANDEZ SANCHEZ, as author of a crime of robbery with violence or intimidation of persons 25 years of imprisonment.

4) .- Yassel MONTERO VAZQUEZ, as author of a crime of robbery with violence or intimidation of persons 22 years of imprisonment.

5) .- MICHEL LUIS GARCIA Urgellés as a perpetrator of human trafficking to 10 years' imprisonment.

6) .- Yusniel GRIMONT SUAREZ RAMON SANCHEZ and JORGE LION, as perpetrators of a crime of human trafficking to eight years' imprisonment for each.

The court also imposed on the accused accessory penalties of deprivation of rights consistent loss of the right to vote and stand as well as leadership positions in state bodies and social and mass organizations; and ordered the relevant migratory prohibitions.

Furthermore, defendants RICARDO JORGE LUIS SALAZAR and REINIER WEAPONS GAR¬CÍA were found civilly liable for the acts committed and must pay to the families of the victims.

Judgment against both defendants, as the Prosecutor shall have the right to establish appeal before the Division of Penal SPC.

Source: Granma

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