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49% of Hispanics said they would visit Cuba, 28% rejected this possibility and 23% showed unsure about this possibility. 73% of Hispanics are in favor of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba and 43% oppose the embargo on the island, according to a survey by the Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

In a breakthrough that published the newspaper Sun Sentinel, the survey shows that 12% are against the diplomatic relations between the two countries resumed, while 15 is not "sure".

24% of respondents are in favor of the US blockade imposed on Cuba, while 33% do not have a definite opinion.

"I think what illustrating (the survey) is that a large part of the Hispanic community that is open to begin recovering relations (between the US and Cuba)."

"Diplomatic relations is kind of a first step," he told the Sun Sentinel FAU political scientist Kevin Wagner.

Questioned about restrictions to fly to Cuba from the US, 61% was in favor of repealing the ban, 12% against and 27% were undecided.

For this survey, which has a margin of error of 4 percentage points, FAU interviewed five hundred Hispanics in English and Spanish.

Source: CubaDebate

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