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A team from Bellas Artes Museum including civil engineers, architects, curators, conservators and technical staff fit the Universal Art Building for Belgian contemporary art exhibition "The important of being ..."

The exhibition, the largest of its kind to be exhibited in Latin America, comprising 60 works by 40 leading artists and occupies areas never before used for exhibitions like the stairs, the main lobby and the third and fourth floors and requires metal structures hidden in false ceilings and roofs to withstand the weight of some parts, new walls and about nine projection booths.

This cultural event will be inaugurated on the 13th at four in the afternoon, will remain open until April 26 and Havana will travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, in Brazil.

María del Carmen Pérez, civil engineering works associated with the Museum for years, said the jobs they perform repairs and adjustments to the requirements of the exhibition, for its size and quality must ensure that at least a decade that these facilities remain in good condition.

Open the sample, where the main staircase begins, a piece hanging from the ceiling of the Cameroonian based in Belgium Pascale Tayou Marthine entitled Falling house, photograph printed on wood metaphorically refers to the third world, impressive for its size and power of evocation.

Source: AIN

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