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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 02 / 12 / 2015

Passengers who arrived yesterday in flight from Santiago de Cuba, after waiting two hours and thirty minutes to receive their luggage in Terminal 1, José Martí International Airport, were angry and began trying to break down the door that connects the track landing with the first passenger departure lounge.

Approximately fifty Cuban citizens, who boarded a French aircraft stopped in Santiago area, after arriving at Terminal 3 in Havana around 8 pm, were taken by bus to Terminal 1.

Maria Carla, one of the affected, recalled: "I travel to Havana from Santiago every month for work. I know first-hand over the luggage to foreign tourists, but we had never done wait. I was shocked when a group of people started banging on the door leading to the runway ".

"No administrative staff informed the reasons for such delay, forgot that came flying children and the elderly. You see as a privilege to foreign tourists throughout Cuba, "said another passenger, who wished to remain anonymous.

They rushed to the scene of the brawl agents PNR (National Revolutionary Police), accompanied by members of the ESPAC (Specialized Equipment for Protection of Civil Aviation) who persuasive words trying to calm the mind. After twenty minutes, tempers calmed.

In the end, packages were delivered to their owners at 10:20 pm. The Shift Manager was called by the speakers, but never at the scene.

Source: CubaNet

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