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In Cuba only 188 vehicles have been sold since authorities approved sales by the State through the CIMEX corporation, at very high prices. The vice president of the Corporation, Iset Vazquez, said that the company had revenues of 5,491.748 CUC.

The figure is 85% of the additional revenues, including taxes from the sale of vehicles released, according to the Government, were allocated to the fund for financing the national public transport.

When regulating free car sales by the State entered into force on January 3 last year, the new buggy was the most expensive model of Peugeot 508, priced at 262,185 CUC.

The cheapest was a Chinese Geely car use, MK 2010 model, which could be bought for 26,550 CUC.

CIMEX internal combustion sells mopeds, motorcycles, cars, rural cars, panels, vans and minibuses in 11 agencies in the country. Sales of buses and trucks depend on an official proceeding with the Ministry of Economy and only "in the interest of the country."

Source: Diario de Cuba

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