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From February 12 to 22 will be held the 24th edition of the International Book Fair of Havana, which this year will last two months more than usual through the different provinces.

The new edition is dedicated to the historian, essayist and professor Olga Portuondo and Leonardo Acosta, writer and researcher. Acosta is not well known as a musician, few know that created the first jazz band in Cuba and several documentaries take their music because it was one of the founding members of the Group of Sonora Expe¬rimentación ICAIC.

In addition, the Fair also hold two centenarians: the death of Carlos J. Finlay and the birth of the poet Raúl Ferrer, and remember the 400th anniversary of the publication of the second volume of Don Quixote.

Although there are many people waiting for the books, which arouses the curiosity of most cultural activities are the guest country of honor: the Republic of India.

There will be a broad representation of the cultural diversity of the country, with the presence of more than a dozen major Indian publishers and 27 titles published by Cuba in Spanish on India.

Source: Havana Times

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