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The Telecommunications Company of Cuba  (ETECSA) will offer new facilities in cellular telephony covered by Resolution 593/2014 of the Ministry of Communications (Mincom). One involves the recruitment of three prepay mobile lines, temporary or permanent.

Each individual may have concluded and assets in unison, until three services, not excluding foreigners and residents. This fact does not change the lifecycle set for a line, consisting of 330 days after the last recharge regardless of the amount (minimum 5.00 CUC) with 30 additional days in sleep state.

Previously temporary contracts were established for three months, will now be valid for twelve; after this period cannot be extended. The minimum for this type of contract is three days and the daily rent is 3.00 CUC initial charging 10.00 CUC.

As for the permanent line is kept as up to date: 30.00 CUC of activation and the 10.00 CUC initial charge. Similarly rates for the sector prepay remain the same and the possibility of transferring lines in favor of another person.

The transfer can only be performed after finalization with the company, in the presence of the owner and beneficiary, or authorized representatives, both with personal identification document.

Regarding the possibility that the holder is not in the country or is physically limited, this may establish a legally representative for the hiring of a service. However, in case of illness or hospitalization of long stay, exceptionally such possibility will be discussed.

Service orders from abroad have also been adequate to permit the payment of a line in favor of a third party, provided they do not exceed the amount established (three lí¬neas per person), the beneficiary must hire an office company authorized to do so. If the beneficiary is a Cuban, will be issued with identity card number and if is abroad, with passport.

Once it is activated, the favored must submitted to commercial offices authorized to do so, within a period of 30 calendar days.

Source: Granma

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