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The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba (AGR) thwarted 49 attempts drugs from entering the country during 2014, higher than the 2013 figure.

Noa Daniel Monzón, Principal Inspector of the Department of Combat in AGR, said most of those arrested were carrying parcels or commissions.

He warned of the rise of this modality to bring drugs into the country by travelers who agreed to bring baggage from other countries in return for a payment or compensation.

In that regard, he called to meditate on the risk of transporting packages from strangers, or without knowing the content of those shipments, considering that the person concerned assumes criminal responsibility in case of discovery of narcotics.

More than 44 kilograms of cocaine, as well as small amounts of marijuana, hashish and Synthetic Cannabinoid were seized in the Cuban border last year. They were also identified new methods of concealment of drugs, with a marked trend in auto parts, pieces of plaster, ceramic, batteries, speakers, food, among other objects.

Noa Monzón reported that 10 people of different nationalities used the modality attached to the body or ingested drug that represents high risk to life despite the careful and specialized medical care promptly detected.

According to the inspector, another 32 cases of travelers who tried to smuggle drugs into the country, for consumption were discovered in air and sea terminals, although it was very small amounts of marijuana, hashish and cocaine, he said.

In such cases, he said that customs regulations, which establish administrative measures consistent warning, confiscation and fines that can reach 200 CUC were applied.

With a constant readiness of their forces, the AGR developed in 2014 meticulous organizational work that spanned from the training of inspectors and operators of X-rays, to the investment in resources and equipment to assist in the detection of narcotics in luggage and people.

Source: AIN

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