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Samuel Formell, director of Los Van Van, said that "the first change of all we must have is the blockade (economic) that for many years has not worked." The son of the late Juan Formell said he was in favor of the recent resumption of diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba.

In the interview he explained that one of the changes he would like to see on the island would be "the existence of another party, to be able to make free elections and in the end who wins the election will stays."

The head of the group emphasized that his work is music and that does not belong to any political party. He was upset with exiled identifying Los Van Van with the Cuban government and said that neither he nor his father have met in person Fidel or Raul Castro.

"Juan Formell worked to make music, never got to politics," his son said, explaining that lives in Cuba because that is where it is inspired to compose and where he has his family.

While Formell expressed their frustrations with the island, said that their criticism will not be in the future lyrics of Los Van Van, which will continue with the same recipe of his father. "I do not think we make a political point, something that speaks of tensions ... We will remain the same: Van Van to enjoy," he said.

Los Van Van are convinced that times of mass protests against his performances exile in the United States, are a thing of the past. So plan to hold a concert tour a month throughout the country and finish in Miami, the same city where more than 15 years ago were booed by thousands of exiles.

In his fifth US tour, Los Van Van foresee occur from late July in Houston, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tampa, Las Vegas and Chicago, among other cities.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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