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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 01 / 06 / 2015

Guillermo Rigondeaux rose canvas twice in the seventh round to knock in episode number 11 to Japanese Hisashi Amagasa and successfully defend the Super Bantamweight World Title Association (WBA) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) in the last day of the year.

In the function, held on Wednesday night in Osaka, Japan, the local fighter appeared headed for victory to win the belts.

The early rounds were difficult for Rigondeaux (15-0, 10 KO), which gradually settled into the distance and Asian style, for the fifth assault Hisashi made a combination that seemed to fall, but held.

The face of Japanese became perfect cuffs for Guillermo, but on the seventh assault Hisashi (28-5-2, 19 KO) countered with a right hook that sent the Cuban to the canvas.

The euphoria invaded Hisashi, Rigondeaux stood up and threw his opponent with everything. The Cuban visited canvas for the second time in what seemed like more of a push than a punch, but received protection account and turned on its feet.

Then, Rigondeaux changed strategy, got the short field, the exchange of blows. Hisashi fell on the play, emotions rose and tenth assault fell to the canvas after receiving a left hook.

Returning to his corner had a cut on his right eye, in addition to redness around it, and a bruise on his left cheek, so his manager decided not to go out at the buzzer.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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