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Cathedral of ice cream, first stage version of The Wolf, The Forest and the New Man, Senel Paz, will rise at the scene of the theater Adolfo Llauradó, played by the young Manuel Alejandro Rivera, directed by Sarah María Cruz.

24 years ago when it was released two years before Tomas Gutierrez Alea (Titon) filmed his now legendary film Fresa y Chocolate, Manuel Alejandro had a year; Cathedral of ice cream, then, was the first play he saw and since then was his dream to interpret it.

Sarah Maria successfully walked this monologue, with the actor Joel Angelino, in more than 14 countries. Among the many awards include the Grand Prix deserved staging at the International Theatre Festival in Lugano, Switzerland.

The director of the Teatro del Sol group, said his version will be in theaters all this month from Tuesday to Thursday, at 8:30 pm, in its original version, as a tribute to Titón, its writer and because the issue it addresses has full effect.

Manuel Alejandro and Sarah Maria bear a great time preparing this set, with long and detailed tests to achieve the nuances and complexities of the two main characters

They are David, young peasant activist of Communist youth, studying at the University of Havana, and Diego, homosexual, sensitive, devoted to Cuban culture.

Source: AIN

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