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Cuba will present to the international market two new types of Habanos, aged between five and eight years in perfect conditions allowing enjoy a high quality product.

The output of Romeo y Julieta Pyramids aged and Montecristo Churchills aged cigars are part of strategies to diversify the production of Habanos SA responsible for marketing.

Both sets will be available for the first quarter of 2015 and presented as a Special Edition in limited quantities and in a single presentation. These cigars will be sold in their original boxes of 25 units, which remained without enabling throughout the aging process, and were dressed associated ratings of each brand to its release.

The case has a double ring, stick end with the words "aged", and vitolina in which the concept is explained.

Among the security measures that attest to its age is the publication of the date they were crooked Habanos in the drawer, to this is added an additional stamp with the word "Revised", because 100% of drawers were opened and reviewed individually.

Source: AIN

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