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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 12 / 18 / 2014

With 19 points, Cuban Arnold Alcolea dawned today as the new leader of the sprints, made after the first three stages of the 50th edition of the Cycling Tour of Costa Rica.

On Tuesday, Alcolea anchored in the first intermediate second leg of the race of 118.7 kilometers between the towns of Guapiles and Paradise, to command the section ahead of Argentine Sebastián Tolosa (11), Buenos Aires Province team.

Significant is that in the points classification, the order of leadership is reversed between these two riders, since Tolosa dominates with 36, one more than the representative of the Greater Antilles, who also walked up to 35th in the General individually.

The best positioned Cuba, in this section, is José Mojica (13), who on Tuesday anchored in the ninth position of the third stage, dominated by Caesar and Juan Carlos Rojas brothers, the latter new leader of the turn.

Meanwhile, on the opposite path Yasmani Martinez, after starting the day as a carrier of second place in the standings, fell sharply to the site 56 with a handicap than 26 minutes behind the leader appears.

Also appearing in this classification Yennier Lopez (31), Pedro Portuondo (55), Agustín Martínez (64) and Yasmany Balmaseda (67) among the 87 runners today intervene in the individual time trial, fourth stage of the event.

Indeed, the organizers have foreseen a time trial of 18.24 km, between the towns of San Joaquin and Carrizal.

In other orders, Cuba ranks fifth with cumulative 30: 39.03 hours, 39:09 minutes Firstly, Social Protection Board-Giant (29: 59.54), separated only five seconds Beans Rice Tierniticos-Hawk (29: 59.59).

Source: AIN

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