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The Cuban film director Fernando Pérez now has 80% of the funding required to begin filming in 2015 his next feature film that will be titled Chupa piruli. The film story takes place in the district Los Sitios, Havana, and its conflict may be less intense than La pared de las palabras, his latest creation.

La pared de las palabras was premiered at the XXXVI International Festival of New Latin American Cinema. At the conclusion of the meeting, Perez tape was among the most popular event Collateral Awards and won three, including the award of the Cuban Association of Film Critics and The Mégano Award from the National Federation of Film Clubs Cuba.

Pérez announced that Chupa piruli held in coordination with the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC).

The director of Clandestinos, Hello Hemingway, Madagascar, La vida es silbar, Suite Habana and El ojo del Canario, has made moving pieces without falling into the common clichés in genres such as historical and contemporary drama.

According to many critics, Perez leaves traces with most of his artistic creations and his way of filmmaking has no followers yet within the country.

Source: Prensa Latina

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