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The film Fatima, directed by Jorge Perugorría, was one of the surprises that kept the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema concluded yesterday in Havana. Based on the story "Fatima or Fraternity Park" by Miguel Barnet, the film surprised the audience that was expecting a much less entertaining production that they saw.
The projection in the Chaplin movie was preceded by a few words of the director, who thanked the ICAIC, the Festival and the whole production team. Then, Carlos Enrique Almirante, the protagonist, dedicated his performance to his father, actor Enrique Almirante. These words touched an audience of colleagues.

The screenplay by Fidel Antonio Orta, direction by Perugorría and, above all, the performance of Carlos Enrique Almirante, delivered to the Cuban public a more humane, near and dear Fátima than many had met in the text of Barnet.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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