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Conduct the Cuban film directed by Ernesto Daranas, won the Coral Award in Havana Film Festival last Sunday.

The jury, chaired by the Bolivian director Juan Carlos Valdivia, Daranas chose the film for its "moving force", according to the verdict read during the awards ceremony, held at the Chaplin movie of the Cuban capital.

Conduct tells the story of Chala, 11, who lives with his alcoholic mother and supports his family by training fighting dogs. With Carmela, his sixth-grade teacher, has great communication. When she is absent due to illness, he is sent to a school for children who misbehave.

This is the second film Daranas (The Broken Gods, 2009). Conducta was nominated for Oscar and Goya awards, has collected laurels in competitions in New York, Málaga and Bogotá, also received the Coral male performance for the child Armando Valdes Freire (Chala), who attended the ceremony.

The film had five other Festival awards, including the SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication, plus a mention.

The film was a favorite of local critics, along with Argentina Stories Wild, who won best director corals (Damián Szifrón) and best editing, while another tape Argentina, Refugee, Diego Lerman, won the award for best picture.

US actor Matt Dillon handed Coral audience award for debut Dress, Cuban Marilyn Solaya, at press time 36, dedicated to the late Nobel Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, one of the main drivers of the festival .

The other prizes in feature films, highlight of the festival, went to the locksmith, of Argentina, who received the award for best art direction, and Praia do Futuro, Brazil, which took the best original music and sound better.

The jury awarded special Colombian Earth fiction film language, Ruben Mendoza prize.

The award for best actress went to the American actress Geraldine Chaplin, for his role in Sand Dollars (Dominican Republic). The Cuban film Meñique won the Coral for best animated feature.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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