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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 12 / 16 / 2014

The National Baseball Committee announces that suspended from their duties to team manager of Pinar del Río, Alfonso Urquiola, and cautions the baseball commissioner of the province, Julio Candelaria Milian, for unsportive conduct.

"The incident occurred the night of December 10 in the Industriales-Pinar del Rio game, in the Latin American Stadium, which ended in forfeit for Pinar del Rio, led an analysis which emanated disciplinary action," says the official note in the newspaper Granma.

In the match a drive of Yulieski Gourriel beyond the fences, on the left, was initially declared foul by the referees and claimed by the Director of Industriales, Lázaro Vargas. After going to the television replay, the authorities reversed the initial ruling, declaring homer connection.

With this decision Industrial tied the game at Pinar del Río in the eighth inning to 3 races, with the result that disagreed selected direction Pinar del Rio, leaving the pitch before the end of the same. As the referee, Lorien Leuven, after the set time declared loser by forfeit Pinar del Río.

Therefore, the Disciplinary Committee of the National Baseball determines "suspended from his duties as team manager Pinar del Rio to Alfonso Urquiola Crespo for the remainder of the current qualifying stage of the 54th National Baseball Series, considering responsible for indiscipline committed by the team ".

It also decides to "warn publicly" Julio Candelaria Milian, baseball commissioner of Pinar del Río, "for not taking the right attitude in accordance with their roles within the team."

The team of Pinar del Río is the champion of the last edition of the National Baseball Series.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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