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Los Van Van gave a concert in celebration of its 45th anniversary on the Steps of the University of Havana, dedicated to its founder and director Juan Formell. The concert also finalized the national tour of the grouping.

The concert began with the traditional Arrasando, after that, others came as It gives me bad head, A year later, Love dies, You do your thing, Recíbeme and as many of its repertoire.

Special instantly became the original recording of the song Fantasy, composed for the eponymous album last in which participate Formell, who died in May this year.

It is an honor our national tour culminating in a historic place like this and after 45 years, proud to be defending the name of Los Van Van, assured to the public the singer Roberto Hernandez, better known as Robertón.

When speaking of Cuba, we must mention us and we are sure that wherever the work of Juanito, will be his spirit, he said. It was a bring people Fantasy commitment, said excitedly and then sang a chorus that shook the audience: Ay Juanito, low and behold this!

Source: AIN

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