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A light of hope was the name of the concert by duo Buena Fe held on Saturday December 7 in Havana to honor the work of Cuban doctors who fight the Ebola virus in Africa.

Since returning from the United States wanted to do an open, free, conspiracy to put the entire audience to enjoy, Israel Rojas said. To dedicate this concert to doctors that are in Africa is a way to show our support, since everything is done in tribute to these men is little, he said.

To begin, the popular duo sang the song Everybody counts, and after that came Das's, Pi 3.14, Death, Outdoor, Fabelo, Guilt and others, that meant a two-hour tour for their musical productions.

In a special moment, all present lit lights, took cell phones and hands moved in unison, in honor of all Cuban doctors serving in other countries.

They are true heroes, Israel said amid a concert highlighted by constant dialogue with the present and the impeccable production of audiovisual project PMM.
Source: AIN

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