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The famous Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance Alexandrov, of Russian Army, will perform for the first time in Cuba, in the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theatre, on December 6th.

A note from the National Council for the Performing Arts emphasizes that this exceptional group offers the expertise of folk dances and Russian choral singing, is the largest of its kind in the country, was created in 1928 and has in its repertoire over two thousand works of folk, popular music and church hymns.

Their performances are characterized by the majesty and precision of the choral interpretations interspersed with colorful and versatility of traditional Russian dances to show a brilliant creative ability.

In their endorsement include recognition as the world of fine arts The Global Award and the French Academy of Records, for the best record: Disco de Oro.

It also has orders Mongolian Combat Merit, Czechoslovakia, Red Star, the Dutch company NOK, by record sales: Disco de Oro and the honorary title of the Academy.

Boris Alexandrov, its current director, said that in his concerts sing two or three songs in the native language of the country they visit, to actively interact with the audience, as a kind of musical gifts.

In 1993 the group became a member of pop culture and performed with the Finnish band Leningrad Cowboys, a concert in Helsinki in Senate Square, versus 70 thousand people, and Berlin in the Lustgarten, to give the parting the Red Army in Germany.

Source: AIN

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