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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 11 / 29 / 2014

On Thursday an old carpentry in Bejucal collapsed killing three people and injured two others. Local Neighbors immediately took to rescue the wounded, who were employees of the woodwork.

Of those killed two were taken to the nearest clinic but their injuries were very serious and could not resist. The third died on the spot and was trapped under the rubble for four hours until Legal Medicine came to raise the body. The other two injured workers only had minor injuries with no risk for their lives.

Moments after arriving firefighters and police, several minutes after  the collapse, a man and his wife, both elderly, were detained by the authorities because they blame the government for not doing anything about the buildings that are in danger of collapse in the province.

"Now with this added four landslides in less than six months, first a former clothing factory, and two private homes on the same street. Let's see if, now that there are victims, the state cares about the other buildings that are in danger of collapse," said the neighbor who told the whole story.

Source: Cubanet

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