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Cuba has a million dollar business with charter flights traveling to the island from the United States, the government of the island charges $ 24,000 for landing rights in Cuba. For this concept charges between $ 31 and $ 62 million are charge, more than any other country.

The same plane that lands in Cuba and pays $ 24,000 for landing rights paid $ 275 US dollars for the same service in the US "Depending on each flight, the same US aircraft that pays $ 275 per landing fees at Tampa International Airport, pays up to $ 24,000 in Havana" Tampa Tribune newspaper said.

Court documents in the United States show that the landing fee is approximately $ 148 per passenger Tampa "The figure of $ 148 is included in a lawsuit filed in US District Court in Miami, against a company offering flights between Tampa and Cuba," said Tribune.

Cuba's government is primarily responsible for the fares to Cuba and paperwork related to the island are so expensive from United States.

Source: Cuba en Miami

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