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Descemer Bueno, Cuban singer, apologized to the Cuban community in Miami for having described the US embargo on Cuba as a whim.

"I want to apologize wholeheartedly to all the Cuban-American community here in Miami ... we musicians should not talk about politics," said the musician in an interview broadcast Tuesday.

"I think I made the mistake of not document myself well, and basically I had the courage to accept all the criticisms that I received. What I do is music and through my songs I think I've given joy, again I ask your pardon" he said.

However, he insisted that from his point of track "the embargo has not been the best tool to promote a change in the island."

The Cuban musician and composer who was crowned as an international artist with his hit "Bailando", with which he won three Latin Grammy, caused a stir in and out of Cuba by declaring a state Russia Today that the embargo "but politics is a whim "and that if he had not existed he could have helped more "to his family and a lot more people.”

Source: Martí News

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