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Google reported that since Wednesday apps and free games from Google Play and the free version of Google Analytics are available in Cuba. According to the source, "users in Cuba can now download the free apps in our store."

"The possibility of using these services, which began last August with the activation of the download Chrome browser is the result of the trip Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, who when they were in Cuba they saw the needs for technology that people had to improve their lives "

Google wants to continue in this line of work and extend it further for "Cubans users can take advantage of this explosion of creativity that are the apps in Google Play. From now Cuba is already included in the list of countries that are in the list using Google Play. "

The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, traveled last June to Havana with the aim of "promoting the virtues of free and open Internet." After the trip, he wrote in his profile Google Plus: "Internet is trapped in the nineties in Cuba. Some 20-25% of Cubans have phone lines, most of which are fixed and subsidized price. However, cellular infrastructure is very weak. Approximately 3-4% of Cubans have access to Internet in cafes and some universities. "

Source: 14ymedio

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