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With the aim of ensuring greater facilities in the campaign of settlement and payment of taxes in 2015, the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT) plans to implement new organizational measures.

Enabling mailboxes in municipal offices to deposit affidavits personal income tax and sending that document by registered mail, are two of the planned developments.

Preparations and assurances to ensure that annual process that begins in January are already underway. Until April 30, 2015 the self-employed, individuals who work in foreign entities and receive bonuses must submit the affidavit.

Designers and journalists, as well as artists and creators of culture and their support staff, the latter for the first time since the adoption of Law No. 113 of the Tax System must also submit documentation.

For taxpayers are taxed on their personal income bonus of five percent of the tax payable, if declared until February 28 is maintained.

By submitting the affidavit by the mailbox at the municipal office or certified mail, each taxpayer should make sure that the return does not have formal errors as erasures, deletions, incompleteness, or blank, which are filled with ink and the firm does not miss .

People who send the document with such problems, it shall send them a telegram to return to testify, while taxpayers do so successfully will receive a certificate of receipt.

Source: AIN

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