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A blind man drove a motorcycle down an important avenue of Las Tunas, but not to violate traffic laws, but as part of an illusionist trick inaugurated the XIX Amphora Magic Festival 2014.

Young Aliet Perez was the star of the event, together with the telepath Arley Gonzalez, who surprised drivers and local passersby with this artistic act that was first introduced in Cuba in the 1950s and had done most of the time Las Tunas.

Driving blind is one of the experiences that develop Aliet and illusionists Arley, who have been engaged for more than five years in preserving the traditions associated with the use of telepathy in shows.

During the opening of Amphora 2014, the only festival of theatrical specialty of competitive nature, included the opening of the exhibition History of Hurricane Magic, which exhibits photographs, audio and documents on the history of this company.

Until next Sunday Las Tunas will be the Magic City of Cuba, which converge the most important groups of the island and fifty illusionists, who compete in specialties such as small and large illusions, comedy magic and manipulation, among others.

Source: AIN

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