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Cuba's government has announced the implementation of zero tolerance to crimes of trafficking in all its forms and sexual abuse. The Foreign Ministry has presented a report further explains that this policy is implemented through a series of actions and measures aimed at improving the prevention, strengthen the confrontation, severely punish the perpetrators and provide protection to victims.

"In Cuba trafficking in all its forms and sexual abuse are a high priority topic for government and civil society," the document states.

According to the Foreign Ministry in the implementation of this policy play a key role the Attorney General, the People's Courts, and a group of organisms of the central state administration.

Cuba has adequate legal instruments to address human trafficking, pimping and other forms of sexual abuse, including pornography and child prostitution, the report said.

Specifies that the criminal sanctioning such behavior correspond to the regulations in the Palermo Convention, its Protocols, as well as international instruments to which Cuba is a party.

On the subject of children's report underlines that the law in Cuba is made up of a set of items that protect children and adolescents, in this sense the relative position of the country is in complete correspondence with the Convention on the Rights of child.

Document data in 2013 showed that government provided protection for 2231 children victims of alleged acts of sexual abuse, which accounted for 0.09 percent of total children and adolescents in the country.

More than 60 projects developed with the United Nations Fund for Children stand out as an expression of the international cooperation in the prevention of these crimes.

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